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Brian/Brayn Rorke/Rourke

He's 21 and living with James Kenna (b. 1809) and his wife Honora Rorke (b. 1820) in Little Falls in 1850. Also, in 1857 a Byran Rorke and Mary Kenna have a son (John Rorke) in Little Falls who is baptized at St. Mary's Church. Is Brian Honora's little brother? Who is this Mary Kenna and who are her parents?
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Charles F. Kenna's Mother

The death certificate of Charles F. Kenna (1877-1946) states that his father is Edward Kenna and his mother is Mary O'Rourke Kenna. However, his mother is Mary Elizabeth Emerson according to other records. His grandmother is Honora/Mary O'Rourke/Rourke. Could his father have been married to a Mary O'Rourke before he married Mary Emerson? Could Mary Emerson's mother be an O'Rourke?
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