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Baptisms and Marriages 1852-1908 St. Mary's Church

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  • Title Baptisms and Marriages 1852-1908 St. Mary's Church 
    Short Title Baptisms and Marriages 1852-1908 St. Mary's Church Little Falls NY 
    Repository Holy Family Parish Catholic Church 
    Source ID S91 
    Text The following text was transcribed from the original book, looking for any entry with the surname of Kenna.


    Last Name Frist Name DOB Father Mother Sponsor # 1 Sponsor #2
    Kenna Helen 16 Apr 1854 William Kenna Mary Fox Michael Fox Mary Kenna
    Kenna Catherine 29 Apr. 1855 James Kenna Honora Rorke William Carmody Margaret Casey
    603 Kenna Edward 22 Mar 1857 James Kenna Honora Rorke James Kenna Mary Anne Reddy
    604 Rorke John 30 Mar 1857 Brayn Rorke Mary Kenna John Rorke Catherine Power
    610 Kenna Edward 03 Apr 1857 William Kenna Mary Fox Thomas Walsh Anne Cody
    885 Kenna Anne 03 Feb 1859 William Kenna Mary Fox Michael Kelly Catherine Power
    1334 Kenna William 07 Dec 1862 James Kenna Kate Lauagan Jerry Smith Kate Kenna
    1912 Kenna Mary Elizabeth 21 Nov 1866 William Kenna Elizabeth Kaiser John Kenna Mary Vanson
    1987 Kenna William 16 Apr 1867 James Kenna Anna C. Fralick Mich Kenna Margaret Kenna
    Kenna Lucy J. 20 Jun 1873 William Kenna Elizabeth Keiser Michael Heart Maggie O'Rorke
    Kenna George Ed. 20 Dec 1875 William Kenna Elizabeth Keysar Vincent Kulp Mary O'Rorke
    2774 Kenna Henry W. 24 Aug 1877 Edward Kenna Mary E. Emmerson Bernard O'Rorke Hanorah Kenna
    2775 Kenna Francis W. 24 Aug 1877 Edward Kenna Mary E. Emmerson Patick Murphy W. B. O'Rorke
    Kenna Sarah Ellen 09 Dec 1883 Edward Kenna Mary E. Emmerson John Mafner (sp?) Mary Mafner (sp?)
    Kenna Margaret 03 Jul 1888 Edward Kenna Elz. Kenna Catherine Kenna John O'Rourke


    # Groom Bride Marriage Date Witness #1 Witness #2
    17 Peter Kenna Aul (sp?) Doran 27 Nov 1852 Thomas Kelly Margarett Leaky
    290 Nicholas Kelly Margaret Kenna 04 Dec 1858 John Connor Kate Power
    362 James Kenna Kate Lanagan 31 Aug 1861 William Hallegan Mary Jane Reddy
    458 William Kenna Eliza Kaiser 27 Dec 1864 James Power Catherine Kaiser
    548 Thomas Kenna Ellen Leaghy 22 Aug 1867 John Leaghy Catherine Kenna
    James Moran Ellen Kenna 16 Oct 1873 John H. Walsh Margaret Kenna
    700 Edward Kenna Mary Emmerson 03 Jun 1876 Jeremiah Murry Wm. Jeremiah Murry
    717 Patrick Murphy Hanorah Kenna 05 Jun 1878 William Casy Ellen Kenna
    1017 Francis Kenna Jane Daly 24 Aug 1891 John Leary Lucy Kenna

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    Family: James W. Kenna/Katherine Londergam/Lannigan (F104)
    Family: Edward Kenna/Mary Elizabeth Emerson (F117)
    Family: James Moran/Ellen Kenna (F233)
    Family: Patrick Murphy/Honora Kenna (F236)
    Family: William Kenna/Elizabeth Kaiser (F238)
    Family: Thomas Mortimer Kenna/Ellen A. Leahy (F239) 

  •  Notes 
    • This book contains a list of marriages and baptisms performed by the church from 1852 to 1908. It was saved from a fire by a priest when Old Saint Mary's church burned down. Access is limited - contact the Little Falls Historical Society for information.
    • For more on sponsors at a Catholic baptism see this website: